Goa Living

Described by The Lonely Planet as the Rio of the East, Goa is a sun drenched tropical paradise, bathed by the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. Powder white beaches, warm and friendly locals, old Portuguese monuments, ancient temples, churches, colourful festivals and bazaars, – there’s so much about Goa that makes it India’s top tourist magnet.


Having been ruled by the colonial Portuguese for over 450 years Goan culture is a unique blend of the East and west- European style central squares and Indian bazaars, Portuguese churches sharing their walls with Hindu temples.


While North Goa is well known for its beach culture, South Goa has a much more relaxed vibe. It boasts some of the best beaches and luxurious hotels and many spectacular old churches, monuments, temples and museums.


Some of the best 5 star luxury hotels are in South Goa making it a more exclusive destination than North Goa. South Goa is fast becoming a tourist hot spot with a thriving real estate scene that offer better value for money. Many real estate experts believe that investing in South Goa will yield better long-term returns as it is still an undiscovered paradise compared to North Goa.


There are several compelling reasons why Goa makes sense as the best place to invest in real estate:

  • Goa is viewed as a safe, peaceful and fun destination.

  • Goa has the best quality of life compared to the other states in India, with respect to a secure environment populated by a peace-loving and tolerant society.

  • Improving infrastructure and with fast-tracked strategic projects to further improve the quality of life.

  • Offers better value for money than any other beach destination in the world.

  • A preferred location for a second home. Many visitors acquire a residence here for vacations, or for the rental income or with the intention of spending longer periods here when they retire.

  • Low costs of living, direct flights from UK, Scandinavia, Holland, the middle east and Germany are some of the reasons for Goa’s increasing popularity as a location for an overseas home.

  • Goa is connected to the other states and to the rest of the world by frequent domestic and international flights, including cheap charter flights during the season.

  • The strength of foreign currency in relation to the Rupee makes prime property easily affordable. Frequent visitors prefer to have a residence here than stay in hotels.

  • Experts believe that the capital value of a quality home in Goa will appreciate even in recessionary times due to an enticing mix of strong fundamentals.